Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ann Taylor: Don't Forget The Guy Factor

I'm standing here with, I kid you not, 5 other guys outside of the Ann Taylor dressing room.

We are all going through the same routine. We stand here quietly in a kind of sleep mode. When our significant other appears we scurry over to consult with her (no doubt telling her that she's not fat and that Ann Taylor's sizing is criminal, how could they call that a 6?! That should be marked a 2....).

Then we are handed some absurd assignment:

find me this brown color suit in taupe, but make sure it's a 6P and not a 6, oh and it was in clearance, so good luck with that.

We complete our missions and then stand at attention waiting for further orders.

If I were Ann Taylor I would...

  • Give us a comfortable place to sit
  • Feed us and keep us hydrated
  • Give us access to a play station, the Internet and TV

Here's the way I see it: if you make this a fun place for me to hang out, I'll bring my wife/girlfriend here to shop more often. And I won't be annoyed when she wants to spend all day trying stuff on.


  1. Oh god how I hate that. Maybe they could offer wireless access and that might make it better.

    Wait til you have kids though. You certainly won't be bored anymore. In fact, looking back, I kind of miss those times. :)

  2. I see, so it could be worse :-).

    That's good to know.

  3. There was this magical place back in Johnstown, PA. It was a women's clothing store, but had comfortable chairs, couches, and...sports magazines.

    It was a far cry from Playstation and Wireless access, but it gives men hope.

  4. Pretty amazing when you consider comfy chairs and some magazines luxury.

    But, compared to standing around, I bet it is.