Monday, April 16, 2007

Give it all back? Don't think so.

Obama Media mentioned that classic fund raising conundrum. Mainly, someone of questionable moral standing goes ahead and helps you raise $1.3 million in donations. In this case it's David Geffen helping with the donations, and Barack with the conundrum.

As Cinderella Ferret shows, some folks suggest you give it all back:

The good Senator (one of my favorite candidates) received $1.3 million from David Geffen. The David Geffen who profits from the music of Snoop Dogg and others. I could quote lyrics from Snoop Dogg here, but I will leave that to others. The lyrics are quite similar to the reprehensible words spoken by Imus, and in many cases worse. My point is this: Will Senator Obama now return Geffen’s money?

Now, I'm definitely a Barack supporter, but I'd like to believe my answer would be the same regardless of the candidate.

Here's my suggestion: keep the money. Heck, ask for more money if you can.


Well, first, I can't imagine that it's reasonable to screen out your donors based on their views or any other realistic criteria. OK, you don't want accept donations by Snoop Dogg, but how about his listeners? How about convicted felons? If you are pro-life, can you take money from someone who's had an abortion? Or even someone who is pro-choice?

It's simply ludicrous to think you can only accept support from those who meet some moral yardstick.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, you have to remember what is going on here. In this case, David Geffen was supporting Barack, not the other way around.

Accepting a donation from someone is saying that you acknowledge their support for you. Accepting a donation isn't a kind of seal of approval of their behavior. Sorry, but this is strictly a one way form of support.

If some scum bag wants to support the United Way, then more power to him. It may be the only good thing that scum bag does, and at least someone should benefit from this.

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