Thursday, April 05, 2007

Your government at work: Google Maps

I have to say, this blows me away:

Google's replacement of post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery on its map portal with images of the region before the storm does a "great injustice" to the storm's victims, a congressional subcommittee said.

The House Committee on Science and Technology's subcommittee on investigations and oversight on Friday asked Google Inc. Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt to explain why his company is using the outdated imagery.

I don't mind someone picking on Google for posting the old imagery - but for this to be brought up in a House Committee? Please.

Are you telling me that the most useful thing Brad Miller can do for the victims of Katrina is to interrogate Google about their maps? Surely Mr. Miller can find a better use of his time than policing a free satellite image site?

Of course, Google responded to the issue and fixed the problem without any fan fair.

Our politicians have really got to find a better use of their time...

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