Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Wedding Journey

Some photos from our trip to Lizzy's wedding venue, Lake Arrowhead, CA. Clearly, the journey in this case was as fun as the destination.

I guess a traffic jam on the freeway really does mean we are in California. Truthfully, if we wanted traffic jams, we had plenty of those in D.C. already.

According to the GPS, the wedding venue is close by. Just up that little mountain ahead of us.

Try clicking on the photo below. Can you tell what is carved into the mountain side? How romantic.

The view was so pretty, I made Shira stop the car so I could grab a photo of us.

Hmmm, a little higher up now on the mountain. Seems like we have just a tiny bit of fog. At least with the fog, I can relax a bit, because I don't see the steep drop off from the road on my right hand side.

OK, that's not just fog, but a bit of snow.

Whoa, chains required. Not suggested, not optional, not recommended - required. Perhaps we should have rented something with a bit more off road capability than a Chrysler Sebring.

This is no longer a light dusting of snow. This is lots of snow, with a very steep and narrow road. How steep and and narrow? Glad you asked...

This steep and narrow....

But, it was totally worth it. Check out this perfect winter wonderland. And the view of the lake is just perfect.

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