Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Windows Vista: First Impressions

While at Costco tonight I noticed a bunch of laptops on display. Naturally, I was drawn to them and couldn't help but play.

I noticed that they were running Vista, and this would be my first time actually interacting with the OS. Here's what happened...

  • I noticed the laptop had a webcam built in and decided I would play with it (what else can you do in Costco to amuse one's self?)
  • I looked under the Start menu for a program to use the camera. I finally noticed the search box thingy and typed "Camera" in it. Sure enough, the Camera and Scanners program came up. Very nice. One point for Microsoft.
  • I kicked off the program and it told me that no cameras were attached. No problem, I clicked on the scan for hardware button and poof, it asked me if I wanted to add the camera to the system. Again, very nice. That's half a point to Microsoft (why should I need to install hardware that's built in to the hardware?
  • I started the install process, and poof, the machine both hung for a few seconds and then spewed out a Blue Screen Of Death. Whoops, that's -10000 points. Sorry.

Not much of a first impression, if I do say so myself.


  1. LOL! I don't say that often, but I am at work, and really did laugh out loud. Thanks for that!

    I agree with your point assignments, for the most part, but there's one factor you may not have considered. Just as display models of furniture, video game systems, etc. tend to get abused in stores, who knows how many people may have screwed around with that laptop before you got to it.

    If this had happened the first time the laptop was booted up, fresh out of the box, then I'd definitely agree with the -10000. But either way, that was certainly not a very good selling point.

    Did you leave the BSOD on the screen for the next customer, to save them the trouble? :)

  2. Dave - you're totally right. It isn't fair to judge windows in that sort of environment as it's quite possible the laptop had a physical hardware problem.

    But still, it was a priceless moment.

    And of course I left it up for the next patron to see. I simply couldn't resist.