Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fun In The Sun

Today we had Shira's company picnic. What fun! Here are some highlights...

Believe it or not, the cell phone stayed in the car the whole time. No IM, e-mail, SMS, blogging or surfing. I wasn't sure if I could go that many hours without being connected.

It's a measure of how much fun the picnic was that I didn't even crave connectivity.

Setting up the volleyball net. My team came in a respectable 2nd place. It took a bit of practice, but I found myself kind of getting the hang of the game. See, high school gym class wasn't all a waste of time.

Ain't she cute? Shira was in charge of the money - does that surprise anyone?

Ahhh, the dunk tank. Nothing improves morale like dunking your boss.

Much fun was had by all. I thought it was a terrific event. Though I'm a bit biased, I'm currently sleeping with one of the planners.


  1. Way to go Shira, you got Ben to leave his phone in the car.

  2. Thanks, Nick! Although there were two options. Leave the phone in the car, or leave yourself in the car. It was really up to him.

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    If he would have left himself in the car, would his phone have been your date for the picnic?