Monday, July 30, 2007 Personalized Internet Radio

Kelly told me about - an Internet radio station with a twist. Rather than just being a stream of one genre, you seed it with a particular artist or song. will then stream you music that is somehow related to that song or artist.

It's nothing short of amazing. As it plays songs you teach it what you like with thumbs and thumbs down buttons. Best of all, a thumbs down button skips the current song, and takes you to the next.

From my listening, it appears that there are no ads in the audio stream, just on the website. And even those are relatively painless.

The site itself makes beautiful use of Flash. The UI is really slick, and quite compact. You can start listening immediately, and register, log-in, and share songs all without an interruption..

To see what I mean, you might want to check out a station I've been tweaking these last few days: Ben's Good 'Ol Country Station. It all started with a request to hear Alan Jackson music. From there, it has branched out to other musicians - though so far it has all been country. Still, the range of songs is pretty impressive.

If I were XM Radio I would so buy these guys and learn from them. If you could combine XM's content with Pandora's approach, you'd have an unbeatable combination.

Give it a listen and then share the stations you've made in the comments. I'd love to hear what folks are listening to.

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