Sunday, July 01, 2007

This Movie Will Be Seen

Sorry babe, but we're going to have to go see the latest Die Hard. We'll probably end up paying full price (which is way too much), but there's simply no choice. It's a must see.

I can still recall being blown away (sorry, bad pun) by the original Die Hard. It was one of the first R rated movies my parents let my brother's and I see (as I recall - Dave/Josh - no need to correct me on this. I like my potentially fake memory). They sat us down, told us the language was atrocious and that we shouldn't speak like the characters, but that it was just too cool a movie for a bunch of boys not to see.

Well played Mom and Dad.

Apparently, Die Hard wasn't just a new type of action movie for myself, but essentially started a genre of it's own - the down and out, unlikely hero, who didn't want to be there, but is ready to kick butt (or, as David would say, Kick Ass). I was sold the first time I saw it, and am now, watching the latest trailer.

I have no idea how many chick flicks this movie is going to cost me, but it will almost certainly be worth it.

Here are some clips from YouTube to get yo u in the mood:

The trailer:

The Simpsons version:

A bunch of scenes from the movie (hopefully, not the best parts):

Die Hard with Woody Alan:


  1. Drag, looks like you've run afoul of copyright laws (someone's been invading and corrupting your blog!) Big bro always watching.
    Kol tuv,

  2. D'oh! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!