Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phone Talk

Welcome Nick and Lauren to town!

We are having a critical discussion - what kind of phone should Lauren
switch to? She's going to be on the T-mobile.

She's debating between the Sidekick, Blackberry, and the Wing. Nick
loves his Treo, which he'll probably stick with.

Not shown in our comparison - my Sidekick.

I recommended the Sidekick - though with it's sub par battery life, I'm
a bit hesitent to push too hard.

Welcome guys!



  1. I just got a T-Mobile Dash, and I love it. Highly recommended.

  2. Thanks John for the 2 cents, and to the pointer of the review.

    Nick had mentioned that Mobile Windows 6 was getting positive reviews.

    I've never been impressed with Mobile Windows. Though maybe it's time to take a second look.