Monday, July 16, 2007

Simpsons Marketing Stunt: Monty Burns as Blogger

Lately, The Simpsons have been pulling a bunch of creative marketing stunts for their upcoming movie. My favorite, so far, is what JetBlue has put together in their CEO's weblog.

The story: Montgomery Burns has hacked into the blog and is dispensing threats and advice.

Here's an excerpt:

Hi I'm Montgomery Burns,

Here's my newest attempt at robbing a man of his livelihood. I have temporarily taken over David Neeleman's Log as I believe I have more efficient ways to run this airline. I could crush him like an ant.
Dear David Neeleman,
You’ve got it all backwards, Blue Boy. Smithers says you provide DIRECTV and Fox films on all your flights. Moving pictures and talkies on a flying machine… What’s next, a live performance by famed vaudevillian Baby Rose Marie?

As a young businessman in the Great Depression I learned customers are there for our entertainment. Not the other way around. I recommend poking your passengers with a sharpened twig or ridding the beverage carts of ice. It will be quite the hootenanny watching those sad saps drink their soda pop at room temperature.

It's all perfect Burns speak. Well done.

Thanks to Adrants for the tip.

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