Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shhhh...We're hunting WiFi

The hotel's internet access has dial-up level ping times. Yuck.

So traipsed around AC looking for WiFi. My current stop - McDonald's. The Golden Arches come through in a pinch.

Now, I could probably hang out here all day, except I don't have AC power - yet.

And did I bring the handy dandy key chain finder which would make WiFi hunting painless? Nope, left that at home and had to bust out the laptop. An Urban Nomad I am not.

Pardon me while I hack among the noise and odors of Mc'y D's.


Update: Now that I'm connected, I can mention that: (a) gave me a good list of possible WiFi hotspots to check out and (b) the cost to get online at McDonald's is $2.99 for two hours. Not a great deal, but for my purposes, it's way better than nothing.

Update: Brother David suggested this hack. That is, go to Google maps and search for wifi xxxxx where xxxxx is a zip code.

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