Friday, June 29, 2007

How many developers does it take to make coffee?

Apparently, 3.

Two read and follow the instructions, and one to blog it.

Suggestion: avoid the coffee in the kitchen today, and bring your own
from Starbucks.



  1. Ha, for us it takes 4. We make cuban coffee and use an espresso machine. It takes 1 to wash the dishes from the previous coffee break, 1 to make the coffee, 1 to complain that it is taking to long, and 1 to stand and watch and not do anything since they are incapacitated with the need for caffeine.

  2. Oh Yeah,

    well for us (Graduate students and Professors), it takes 5. 1 student to decide to make the coffee, 2 to argue as to whether that person is a slave to the actual caffeine (and how it actually operates in the system...yes increadibly boring the 100th time you've heard it), or if he's simply a slave to the commericalized existance that runs our sad american work-aholic-lives (equally boring). 1 student to go get the creamer and sugar we "requisitioned" from the coffee shop, And finally 1 professor to explain that we get paid way too much because when he was a graduate student, they couldn't even afford coffee, and instead had to survive off what they could make with acetone, LB media, and sulfuric acid.

    In the end, they all drink the coffee, protesting it the whole time they do.

  3. Guys, thanks for sharing!

    They are awesome explanations.