Friday, June 01, 2007

New and Improved Office Setup

Now with 200% *more* photos of the wife!

If that's not productivity enhancing, I don't know what is.


Editor's Note:

If anyone is wondering why the sudden influx of years-old photos of the wife (the one on the bottom is from before we were married), it is because after more than a year and a half, Ben finally got his one box of belongings from his desk at his former job. Ben was not there when the doors closed, as we were home in Rochester at the time, and I think that now that he got the box, he was determined to make stuff go away, which meant either: throw it out, or put it on the wall. I guess I'm happy I made it in the second category. Just wanted to set the record straight that I don't just feed photos to Ben to put on the wall!

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