Thursday, June 28, 2007

Turning A Commute Into A Novel

Author Robert Bernocco turned his commute into a novel by writing chunks of it every day. Nothing too exotic about that. But here's the tricky part - he did it all over SMS: (pardon the clunky translation)

The book is not less the object of a great curiosity on the Net. Because the characteristic of Compagni di Viaggio is to be completely written on portable telephone. A first! Data processing specialist of profession, the author wrote his text of 384 pages by bits of 160 characters, at the time of the daily way between his residence and his place of work.

I wonder what it must be like thinking in terms of 160 character blocks. Hey English teachers out there, this would be a fun challenge to throw at your students (not writing a novel per se , but any document at all - how about poetry?).

It took him a mere 17 weeks to accomplish this task.

You simply have no excuse now for not completing that next great work of yours. If you've got a cell phone from the last 10 years, you're good to go. Think of it as another use of your gray time.

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