Thursday, June 21, 2007

Laugh of the Day: Lil Bush

Today, Kelly introduced me to Lil Bush, a series of Comedy Central skits about a very young George W. Bush (and Cheney, and Condi and Rummy).

I've only watched a couple, but I have to say, they really are pretty dang hilarious. Some of the humor is a bit out of bounds, but, some of it is so classic. Check out this exchange between GW and Condi about dressing up in disguises like a bunch of girls.

G: Uh Con, what about the disguise?
C: I don't need to dress up
G: Uh, They need to think we are girls
C: I am a girl [adjusts hair]
G: Condie! Are you with Us or with the Enemy?
C: Who's the Enemy?
G: Alright, Condie's out!
C: Huhhh [puts wig on]

Here's the full clip and links to others. Enjoy!

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