Friday, June 08, 2007

And back to jail we go...

OK, I haven't been following this story in any meaningful way. But I have to tell you, when I saw on my Google home page that they sent her back to jail it did restore just a itty bitty ounce of respect in our justice system. Just a bit. Apparently, the rich can buy a few hours worth of freedom, but not quite 45 days worth.

As the article says:

Another of her attorneys, Steve Levine, said, "The sheriff has determined that because of her medical situation, this (jail) is a dangerous place for her."

Holy crap - jail isn't safe for her?! This is as opposed to the rest of the inmates there, where jail is basically a cross between a picnic and a spa package.

I've got to hand it to Steve Levine, and his buddies, the fact that they talked her out of jail, even if only for a few hours, is pretty dang impressive. I'm so going to bring him along to negotiate my next purchase of a car.

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