Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guest Blogger Beamer: Another Use For Your Emergency Brake

By guest blogger Beamer.

In his quest to find yet another reuse (he calls it a hack) Ben has succeeded in turning his Acura's emergency brake in to a toilet tissue roller. You should now be asking "what is a roll of toilet tissue doing in the car." And I would tell you to get your mind out of the toilet - pun intended. He's been battling the common cold or some weaker strain of bird flu virus or something. Nothing that can't be handled by several doses of DayQuil

Going back to the hack... it is the best possible place for a toilet paper roll in a car. It requires a single hand to pull and tear away the right amount to apply since the emergency brake handle provides the right amount of resistance to the rolling action. But there is a concern. One is bound to associate certain artifacts with certain spaces. It is my hope that the presence of the toilet paper in the car doesn't confuse Ben as to where he really is.

Editor's note: This post was blogged by Beamer as we carpooled home from the office. For the record, Ben drove, Beamer blogged.


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Briliant!!! But what would driver do if you guys are in emergency situation and have to stop car with emergency brake?

  2. Excellent question! That thought did cross my mind...though I don't have a particularly good explination.

    On a useful note, chances are, if we run into an emergency, the need for TP wouldn't be far behind.