Monday, June 04, 2007

American Airlines - Safety Is Vaguely Important

Here are a few facts that I took away from the American Airlines saftey video I watched a few minutes ago (yes, I'm blogging mid air...):

1. The airplane's slides *may* be the type that can detach and be used as rafts (or, they may not).

2. The airplane *may* have a large life raft in the ceiling of the plane (or, it may not).

3. There *may* be a life jacket under my seat (which, I should never inflate while inside the aircraft, as tempting as that may be).

I figure we'll just land in water then sort all of the above out. Why take the time to customize the video too much.

Oh, and did I mention that American Airlines gives you absolutely no free snacks on the plane? Not even a lousy bag of pretzels. Could this be any more underwhelming an experience? Greyhound has more perks than this.


1 comment:

  1. There're no free snacks on the airplane anymore due to the beating the industry has taken in the last 5 years. Problem is that many have no idea what it takes to move people from point to point on an airplane and all to often the process is compared to a bus ride, which it very much is not.

    As for a water ditching, I wouldn't worry about where the safety equipment is. Probability states the chance of anyone living through that is SLIM and NONE and SLIM just left town.