Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ben's 3 Step, Super-Easy Process For Becoming A Blogger

Here we go...

  • Pick up your cell phone and snap a picture. It can be of anything. C'mon, do this now.
  • Using your cell phone, send the photo to the e-mail address You can send the photo as MMS or e-mail (heck, try them both). Tapping out will be the hardest part of this process. Note: sending the text message may cost you a small fee - the rest of this process is totally free.
  • Wait. In anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes you'll get a message back from Blogger saying your blog is setup.
  • Optional step: follow the instructions in the message Blogger just sent you to redeem your blog, which will allow you to control the URL it is at and the color scheme.

Congratulations, you're officially a blogger! Heck, you're a moblogger at that. You now have access to essentially the same tools as CNN and the New York times for spreading your ideas. The only real difference between you and the big guys is content - so far you have a single photo on your blog. But, that's easy to fix.

Now, where do you go from here? Easy - start off by snapping more photos with your phone. If you have a thought, or hear a quote that's interesting, send that in a message to Blogger is glad to have you send it multiple photos or just plain text.

Eventually, you're going to have an idea, thought, message or experience that requires more space than your mobile phone keyboard will allow for. That's easy, just visit Blogger and log in. You can then writeup your blog entry just like you type out an e-mail - including photos.

Follow the instructions above, and then let me know your URL. I'd be glad to link to it. (Which in the blogging world is a Good Thing - it's how other people will find your blog.)

If you want to know the whole story about blogging, there's a great book available on the topic.

Welcome to the world of blogging - if nothing else, you have one more item you can add to your resume.

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