Friday, June 22, 2007

Resident Rock Star

Here's an interesting fact I learned today: Martin, of the SEO team who is just two offices down the hall from me, is in fact, a real live rock star. Check out his MySpace page, he's the real deal.

His group Abott And West describe themselves as Pop Punk / Rock / Christian. A quick listen to their music sounded impressive to me.

Here, take a listen for yourself:

The way I figure it, I should get his autograph and some hair clippings now - they are going to totally make me rich when I sell them on eBay when he hits the big time.


  1. This isn't bad...however, it started playing automatically in my google reader! Weird. I couldn't figure out where the hell it was coming from until I saw you update.

    Is this the embedded MySpace player? I hate autoplay stuff!

    However, I do like the music!

  2. Whoops, sorry about the auto play.

    I grabbed the flash from MySpace and plopped it on the page. I hit publish, then realized it was auto playing.

    Yikes, I had to scurry around and fine an alternate solution.

    I'm amazed that MySpace doesn't have a trivial way to blog the music found there. That's ridiculous.

    All should be good now.