Sunday, June 10, 2007

Concert First Impression

Shira and I just parked at the Nissan Pavillian to see our first live
country music show - Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. Here are a few
first impressions:

. We are never getting out of this parking lot. Seriously, I think I
need to take tomorrow off.

. There appear to be 10's of thousands of people here, and exactly two
Jews. Us.

. I'm surprised they even let us pull in the parking lot with our
Acura. You tend to blend a lot easier if you drive a truck.

. The porta-potty lines are already 30 people deep and 10 potties wide -
sanitation seems optional.

. A Linux t-shirt wasn't the best option. Should have purchased a bit
of camo.

OK time to go explore....wish us luck!


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