Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kitchen Accessory Survey

Infrared triggered garbage can:

Is it...

An excellent example of putting modern technology to use, finally addressing the critical issue of how to open the trash can when your hands are full.

Or is it...

A prime example of how we have become so lazy in our society that we would rather spend time and money on a trash can that no doubt slowly lifts its own lid rather than use a bit of effort and lift it ourselves.




  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Neither. What this thing actually turns out to be is yet another attempt by that mean giant robot brain currently living beneath the earth's crust to infiltrate every household with a small but deadly underling robot cleverly disguised as a common household product.

    Go on. Sneeze near it. If you catch it off guard you may get it to say "Bless you." The worst part is that it will sound exactly like Johnny 5.

  2. Christian has one of those, pretty cool actually. I think that there's also a slight sanitary advantage with this and the traditional "step" opener, given that you're not repeatedly touching the trash can when preparing food.

  3. Ben -

    Love the theory. It clears so many things up :-).

    Helmy -

    You hit on the actual reason Shira was interested in the trash can. Thanks to your encouragement, there's a pretty good chance I'll find one in my kitchen when I get home today.

  4. My brother has one of these, too. It's entertaining when it opens up at the wrong times (i.e. just walking by, a little too close for its comfort, apparently. hehe). It's also a conversation piece, when you have people over who have not seen it before.

    Way overpriced, last I checked, though. Kind of small, too, if I remember correctly. But awesome, nonetheless. :)

  5. Yes, I'll admit to having one. Our old traditional step operated trash can broke, and Michelle came home with this as a replacement. There are two primary advantages:

    1. It's clean. As Mark points out, you don't have to touch it to get it open. Anything that reduces the number of times I wash my hands per day is a good thing.

    2. It will hopefully last longer. We've been through several step operated cans, and the pedal keeps breaking. I'm hoping that the relatively simple motor in this thing is more robust.

    I haven't noticed anyone in the family becoming more slothful as a result of less physical activity since we bought it, but I guess we're collectively burning a calorie or two less per month.