Sunday, August 16, 2009

B & B Camping

The Elizabeth & Dan wedding weekend is full swing, and we're having a blast!

While the first night I slept in a room at the B & B, last night the plan was to tent it with Greg. To my amazement, the tent I brought up had all the poles, stakes, rain fly and even yolks. Heck, there was even a clothesline hanging inside when I set it up.

The night was clear and cool, so I decided to start out sleeping under the stars. I figured if need be, I could flee to the tent or better yet, flee to the nearby B & B. It turned out to be unnecessary. And with the exception of waking up to the sound of a pack of wild dogs howling in the distance (OK, maybe it was an owl), I slept like a baby.

Here are some photos from last night and a little hike I took this morning. Good times, really good times.

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