Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Screen On The Green - A classic movie in and unlikely setting

My brother David is such a good influence. Rather than just talking about doing fun stuff around DC, he actually manages to get us to do it. Tonight's adventure: Screen on the Green. This is a fun one - you sit on the National Mall, with the Capital Building in the background, watching a classic movie. See what I mean:

As you can see above, the show opened with a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon (which was over-the-top sexist, as the witch complains how bad women drivers are) and then went onto the feature film which was On the Waterfront.

At first I found the film to be hard to follow, though, eventually, I got my head wrapped around the story. I can actually say that in the end, I liked it. I can't tell if it was hard to understand because I was missing the 1950's references/context, or if movies today are more spoon fed to you, or if I simply found some of the audio hard to understand and missed some key lines. Regardless, as classic movies go, it's one I'm glad I saw.

I can't recommend Screen on the Green highly enough. It was such a novel and fun way to take in a movie and the scenery is just perfect. If you have a chance to go, make sure you bring a blanket and some food and you'll have an excellent time.

Here are some more photos from the evening.

With David and Shira in charge, we definitely weren't late to the party. Of course, we had an excellent seat - so I can't really complain.

You see a picnic area - I see an office with the perfect view. Here I am, trying to do Just One More Thing before I call it a night.

My buddy Greg assembles his ultra-super-lightweight-sling-chair. It apparently requires a master's degree in engineering to use. And yes, he had an extra piece when he was done.


The Gang ready for the movie to start, and for me to stop snapping photos.

A long exposure shot of us watching the movie.

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