Sunday, August 23, 2009

Store Tested, Ben Approved

I've got a backpacking trip coming up, and decided one of the best ways to save weight was to trade in my massive Lowe Contour IV (a beloved pack, mind you) that ways 7lbs for something lighter.

I had my eye on the Osprey Exos 46 pack, which weighs about 30oz. After watching the promotional video, I was sold.

One of the features I like about the pack is that it's small - around 2800 c in. Less space means less temptation to fill it with crap.

But, would the gear I want to bring fit? How useless would it be to have a most excellent pack, and yet not be able to use it?

My solution: stash the gear (minus food) in a stuff sack and bring it with me to try on the pack. I was expecting a crazy look from the clerk - but he totally got it.

Within 3 minutes I had the bag loaded and I confirmed there's room enough for food and water. The decision was made: I'm the proud owner of an Osprey Exos 46.

While stuffing my gear into a pack on the floor at REI was a bit awkward, it was totally worth it, and I recommend this approach to anyone in search of the perfect pack.

More to come on this topic, for sure.

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