Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cutting Edge Technology, Meets Family Nostalgia

I stumbled on this gadget from Polaroid:

Essentially, it's a portable photo printer that connects to your digital camera or cell phone via Bluetooth. What distinguishes this device from other photo printers out there is that it's inkless - all the magic for generating the print is in the paper itself.

Sound familiar? Polaroid has managed to reinvent the Polaroid print, only this time it has the option of using Bluetooth.

This is almost certainly a toy I don't need. But I have to say, I'm totally drawn to it. See, I've got these fond memories of my Grandpa Arnie snapping photos of my brothers and I with his classic Polaroid camera. And of course, we helped ensure the prints came out perfectly by waiving the photos just right.

Man, that camera was so incredibly cool. Besides having prints that instantly appeared, the whole camera folded down flat making for a most impressive design.

Shira tells me her Grandpa also had a Polaroid camera - guess there were standard equipment for grandparents back then.

Hmmm...I may just have to add this to the wish list.

As an aside, I love this quote from the SX-70 information page:

The Polaroid Corporation will be remembered in history as a company with the best products and the worst marketing ever.

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