Monday, August 10, 2009

Legg Mason Tennis Tournament - A Broiling Good Time

Shira and I made it to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic yesterday. The best description we can come up for it is surreal. Here we are, in this relatively small venue (7,500 people) witnessing two of the top players in tennis duke it out. Shira's a bigger fan of tennis than I, but even I could appreciate this.

It was a beautiful day to watch tennis, with the exception of the fact that it was brutally hot. In fact, they were calling for one of the hottest days all summer. These players are truly amazing athletes for not only putting in hours of running around on the court, but doing it in the excruciating heat.

We saw both the doubles and singles finals for the tournament. We managed to show up to watch Martin Damm and Robert Lindstedt warming up for their doubles match, so we decided to root for them. It was a good call, as they ended up winning the match.

For the singles round, we were naturally rooting for for Andy Roddick. Alas, he lost after 3 sets and a 8-6 tiebreaker. Shira wasn't pleased by this, but at least we got to watch some fantastic tennis.

Here are some photos from the day. Next year, we may just have to spend the extra cash to get covered seats. But even with some minor heat exhaustion and sun burn, it was definitely a show worth watching!

Here's Robert Lindstedt warming up - no wonder Shira likes watching men's tennis!

OK, one more shot of Robert for the ladies.

Us before we were totally fried from the sun:

Man it was a scorcher!

Game on! Damm and Lindstedt kick off a volley:

D'oh - stupid net always getting in the way:

Roddick pounding the ball home:

Del Porto about to launch a serve:

Roddick returns a volley:

Thanks to the power of the Wii, we were able to get in on the action:

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