Friday, August 06, 2010

10 Android Strategies To Make The Most Of Waiting Around Time

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment - and of course, the doctor was running late. After an hour of waiting, I realized I needed some fresh strategies for dealing with these kinds of delays.

So here it is, 10 ways I plan to make the most out of my waiting room time using my Android based myTouch.

  1. Use the market app Aldiko to read a classic book. I've since loaded Thoreau's Walden and Civil Disobedience.
  2. Use the market app Knot Guide to learn and practice new knots. I've got to remember to carry around a short length of rope to use this one.
  3. Use the mobile version of Google Reader to find cool content on the web. I've since updated my Google Reader account to have a variety of high volume, high quality sites like LifeHacker so I'll always have something to read.
  4. Use the market app MorseCoder to learn and practice Morse Code. I should remember to bring along headphones so I can get the full dit and dat effect.
  5. Watch full TV episodes using's market app. Surely one episode of TV can't rot my brain?
  6. Create a fresh twitter account and use it to publish One Sentence Stories, Twitter Fiction or if I'm feeling especially creative Twitter Poetry. I've got to be especially careful, though, cause this can get out of control.
  7. Use the market app Factbook, a version of the CIA World Factbook, to plan our next exotic getaway. Really, I mean it.
  8. Use the SAT Vocabulary market app to learn a few new words. This should also make a fun trivia game if I'm waiting with a friend.
  9. Use one of the many Chess market apps to finally learn how to play the game. I'm told it's a game that you can pick up relatively quickly - so let's find out.
  10. Use the Audiobooks market app to seamlessly download and listen to audio books. This is an especially handy because after sitting around a waiting room, you can continue listening to the book on the way home.
  11. Bonus: Use the Sketcher app to practice drawing. This is my chance to bring out my inner Leonardo Da Vinci.

OK, I'm feeling a lot more prepared. Go ahead life, throw some delays at me -- I'm ready for 'em! (Of course, if you could make sure my phone was fully charged up and had a fast Internet connection, that'd be great.)

Oh, and I'd love to hear your favorite tricks for making the most of wait time -- please share them in the comments of this post.

Update: The wife read this list and suggested a good activity would be to send her a romantic e-mail or SMS. Nick suggested Andoku app, writing Twitter Haiku and Overdrive to listen into free audio book. All great suggestions - I've added them to a new master list here (or you can use the QR code below).


  1. some good plans... I really like Alkido for the classics. Also you should look into the Overdrive Console app which will allow you to listen to many of the eAudiobooks from the library.

    Google reader.... I've yet to find the perfect solution for android integration. The mobile version has been my preferred solution, but can really be slow at times when network coverages is limited. So if you find a good Google Reader solution for Android, please share!

    As for the second Twitter account... I've often thought about it and composing some Twitter Haiku.

    my biggest solution for killing time is Sudoku. I really like the Andoku app.

    one other comment.... you have 11 on your list of 10

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Nick!

    So far - I've just been using the mobile web version of Google Reader. It's working so-so for me.

    And yeah, it turned it 10 + 1 bonus item. I'll be adding your items, so the 10 number is long past relevant...