Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bagless Travel - Publicity Stunt and Armchair Adventure

I stumbled across the No Baggage Travel Challenge and found it amusing. As I read what one packs for bagless travel, I thought it sounded awfully familiar. And it should: the adventurer behind this is none other than Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding, a book I just finished.

The goal is simple: travel around the world without carrying any luggage.

Yes, it's a publicity stunt for Scottevest - but still, it seems like a novel challenge to follow along with. It doesn't hurt that I really like Rolf's writing.

The challenge, of course, brings up the question: is bagless travel even possible? So far, I think the answer is Technically, Yes. But, is it practical? Not so much. Heck, with our little one, I find I can't leave the house without bringing at least his diaper bag. Still, there are lessons about packing light to be learned here. And who knows, maybe I'll be sold by the end of the trip.

Here's Rolf explaining what he's bringing along. The one item I'm surprised he's not bringing along is some way to charge up his electronics. But, I guess he'll learn soon enough if that was a smart move or not.

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