Thursday, August 26, 2010

Streaming Your Web Surfing Routine

If you use Google Reader already, you can skip this article. Nothing here for you.

1) Do you have a routine where you check more than one website throughout the day? Maybe you start your day by checking Knitting Daily then hop on over to

2) Do you use Google Reader yet?

If you answered Yes then No, then boy are you in for a treat.

Here's what you do: Sign up for Google Reader (it's free, so you've got no excuses). In the top right hand corner, there's a button labeled Add Subscription. Click it, and paste in the URL of a site you visit regularly. Now repeat this process with all the sites in your daily routine.

Now, instead of visiting a number of websites throughout the day, you can just visit your single Google Reader account. It's faster, more organized than trying to remember which sites you've visited.

There are a variety of other features you get with Google Reader: you can star articles that interest you, easily share articles, etc. But the real value in Google Reader is that it allows you to follow infrequently changing sites.

Suppose you find a site you really like, but go back to it every day for a week and it hasn't changed. Eventually, you'll just stop checking. With Google Reader, the site can remain dormant and as soon as new article is posted, it'll be there ready for you to read.

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