Friday, August 13, 2010

Phone Friday: 5 Apps I'm Loving

Ever since I've put some thought into how I could use my phone to make better use of waiting-around-time, I've managed to discover a number of apps that I'm really impressed with.

  • AK Notepad - I was actually using AK Notepad back on my G1 for a number of years, and then slimmed down to just using jotter (which is still a super cool idea). I've reloaded it on my myTouch for one key feature - it sychronizes with This means my notes aren't locked in my handset. I love that I can publish a document through Snaptic and easily edit it on my handset. In many ways, I'd preferred to use Gdocs to get this sync/publishing effect, but alas, Swype wasn't working when I installed Gdocs for some reason.
  • DC Transit Info - Back in my G1 days I downloaded the Metro map to my phone and felt cool. Only, it wasn't that handy. Not so with the DC Transit Info app. It tells me up to the minute info about when trains are arriving. I'm a programmer, and even I'm amazed at how accurate and real time this bad boy is. If you use the DC metro system, this is a winner.
  • and/or Uninstaller - I've been using Uninstaller for a while, and just started using AppBrain today. Both solve the problem that it's easy to install apps on the phone, but a hassle to uninstall them. Uninstaller makes evaluating software easy - install as much as you want, and then blow away what you don't need. AppBrain is an amazing concept, and one that's got potential beyond just pain install/uninstall of programs. If you find yourself playing with lots of apps, these will be essential.

  • Task Manager - If you had told me that the secret to both good battery life, and not having your phone slow down when you install lots of apps was Task Manager, I'd think you were crazy. And I'd be wrong. The Task Manager automatically kills off any process you haven't put in an ignore list. The result is that the phone stays a lot less busy. Less busy means more responsive and better battery life.
  • Apps Organizer - With all these apps, and a relatively small desktop space (just 3 screens worth on my myTouch), I was finding it harder and hard to quickly launch apps. With Apps Organizer you can essentially create folders for apps that are accessible from the main screens. It's a clever solution that blends nicely with the now aging UI of the myTouch. The hardest part is figuring out the best way to organize my apps. I suppose that's a good problem to have.


  1. Nice idea... I like the idea of Phone Friday... maybe I'll start a similar posting... but not today...

    I'll have to give the DC Transit Info app a try, I've been looking for a good app for that. And App Organizer also sounds neat, I'll have to give that a try too. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks Nick -

    I'd love to see what you could come up with for Phone Friday! I know I'd learn a ton.