Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make Gardens, Not War

But how you ask? Easy, make all your bombs seed bombs:

Luckily, seed bombs exist! They are the perfect way to secretly, sneakily beautify all those empty lots and highway embankments that are part of the urban landscape. And they're crazy easy to make!

I followed the directions that I found here. Alls you need is dirt, some hardy, native seeds and some air-dry clay (which is available in the craft aisle of any big discount or craft store). If you've ever made dumplings, raviolis or truffles, you'll be a seed bomb master. And if not? No worries! It's a pretty low learning curve.

Now that I've got twenty five of these little beauties drying on my kitchen table, I can't stop thinking of all the places that I'm going to throw them.

It's all about Guerrilla Gardening. And if you want to get in on the action you can roll your own or just buy one from Amazon.

Is this actually a good idea? Not sure yet. I'd want to do some research before I started reeking havoc throughout the neighborhood. It's probably best to work with the local authorities rather than against them.

Still, it's a clever idea and could make from some Sunday morning fun.

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