Friday, August 27, 2010

Phone Friday: uLoops Music Generation - More accessible than ever

A while back I mentioned how impressed I was with uLoops - a music generation app for the Android. Unfortunately, being a non-music guy, I found the interface cripplingly cryptic.

Well, I've checked back in on, and I'm impressed with how they've made the system much more accessible:

  • There's a wonderful new tutorial video that takes you through how uLoops works
  • There's an onscreen tutorial you can walk through which impressively blends overlaid instructions with the application itself.
  • There's an active forum
  • You can import any uLoops song into the authoring environment to learn how it was created
  • Not only can you browse the website to listen to any song, but you can listen to individual loops within a song to see how it was composed.

I found that after I watched the video above I was actually able to get uLoops to make some nearly-pleasing sounds. Most importantly, it was a lot fun!

This app definitely belongs on my Things To Do While Waiting Around list.

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