Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Forgetting Math and Other Inspiration for a Good Planning Strategy

I love this home schooling story by Kille Crowe on her blog:

[Kelli recounting a week of home schooling successes]
We had done so many great experiments in science and built a fort for history.

Just as I was practicing my acceptance speech for the Great Mom Awards (GMA's),

Alex commented to me,

"It is kinda weird that we didn't even do math all week."


I had forgotten to do MATH?



I think these forgot the math moments are definitely possible while running a small business. You're humming along, and then bam!, you realize that you forgot something essential. Lately, I've been thinking about disaster recovery, and that's a perfect example of a topic that's easy to ignore and regret later.

The solution for Kelli was to develop a monthly chart that she and her kids could work against. All it takes her is a couple hours once a month to do planning for her 3 kids.

I love that she found a simple solution which kept her on track, yet didn't bog her down with process and busy work.

I'm not quite sure what my "monthly chart" should look like for my small business. But after reading Kelli's story, I'm pretty certain I need one.

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