Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TED Talk: Where good ideas come from

This was yet another gem passed to me by brother: TED Talk: Steven Johnson, Where good ideas come from.

It's a short and highly entertaining talk about where ideas come from — a topic I have a keen interest in.

I especially appreciated how Johnson's research suggests that there's real power in sharing your ideas with others. I've made the case for this before, so there's no surprise I think he's right on with his thinking.

It's actually quite impressive how many insights Johnson was able to pack into 17 minutes of video.

Watch and enjoy!

Update 01/11/2016 14:25: Just re-watched this TED talk, and it still continues to be incredibly inspirational. The closing story about how Sputnik leads to GPS is an example I've referenced many times since my original viewing of this video. It's become my Go-To story of how the pursuit of basic science can have unexpected and amazing impact.

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