Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using Facebook in Stealth Mode

Want to give this whole Facebook thing a try, but sure you're privacy and identity will be lost in the process? Well, I've got a solution. Check out Stealth Mode: Making Yourself Completely Invisible on Facebook, a relatively brief article that discusses all the measures you can take to lock down your Facebook account.

It's probably a sane idea to start off with a totally locked down account, and then open up features as you decide you really need them.

Personally, I take the exact opposite approach to my Facebook account, and online life. I make nearly all of it public. This forces me to make a simple choice anytime I want to post something in cyberspace: say it to the universe, or don't say it at all. This avoids the messy situation of trying to share information with a select group of people, only to have it accidentally leak.

Still, the locked down Facebook approach may be just what you or your child needs.

Thanks to my Brother David for passing along this one!

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