Monday, January 31, 2011

Useful Object of the Day: Dental Floss

One of the items in my Toddler Airplane Survival Kit is dental floss. I figured it would be worth a few minutes of distraction as our little one yanked out yards and yards of the substance. Turns out, he wasn't really interested in making a mess - though he did find the click of the container opening and closing to be especially satisfying and that did keep his attention for some time. While playing with the floss though, I noticed something I hadn't before: the stuff is remarkably strong. I mean, really strong. It got me thinking - maybe there are other uses for dental floss besides teeth and baby distraction?

And of course, there. A simple Google search turns up all sorts of goodies:

Apparently, floss is stronger than your typical thread, so it makes an ideal sewing repair option.

Seriously, this is powerful stuff. And it's dirt cheap, compact and if you always carry some with you - has the benefit of helping to get the remains of dinner out of your teeth.

Time to add this to my EDC.

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