Monday, January 10, 2011

Philmont Cookbook - Some tasty memories

My dad sent me this PDF today: The Philmont Country Cookbook.

I actually made two trips out to Philmont and both were an absolute joy. The food wasn't all that memorable, though I do recall on one of our trips we did some trail work and were rewarded with canned peaches. Yum, that was tasty!

Other odds and ends I remember...

  • One year I went with my brother Josh who was actually in charge of the group
  • I recall that on this trip with my brother lent me his backup pair of polypropylene socks because my feet were in a bad way. It was an act of kindness I'm still appreciative to this day
  • Food - along with the canned peaches I recall learning about the joy of pemican bars. They looked like food, but if memory servers me, were actually highly compressed bails of hay
  • I'm sure my pack weighed too much. All our gear was heavy. Carrying 60lbs wasn't out of the question. Man, I was a fool back then.
  • On the way to Philmont we did a white-water rafting trip. I recall, calling my parents and telling them how I just signed a release saying that if I died, it wasn't the rafting company's fault. How kind of me.
  • 14 days with a single shower. Man, those were the days.

Who knew a cookbook could bring back such fond memories?

Of course, if I had blogged the trip back then, I could have just looked up the posts to trigger the memories. Oh well, what did I know.

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