Tuesday, February 01, 2011

700 Offbeat Kid Entertainment Ideas

Perhaps, retro is a better term than offbeat. I give you: The Boy Mechanic Vol. 1 700 Things for Boys to Do. It does, in fact, appear to be a list of 700 things that you might do as a boy in 1913.

Many of them don't quite seem applicable today (washboard holder, anyone?) - but as sources for ideas, it's terrific.

Just think, how might you adapt the creation of a simple wireless broadcasting setup, or construction of a bell tent, or indoor baseball using a pocket knife (bye-bye totenchit!). Oh, the possibilities!

Depending on your view, being a boy in 1913 must have been either wonderfully exciting, or disastrous.

And when you've exhausted those 700 ideas, there's a whole slew of additional craft books here. Come to think of it, haven't I discovered chestofbooks.com sooner?

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