Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Batter Blaster - An Ideal Kids Food

Today's snack was powered by Batter Blaster - that's pancake batter that comes in the same form factor as whipped cream. I'm now totally sold on it as an ideal kids food. Because...

  • You can cook them one handed, which means the other arm is free to hold the kid while they watch
  • Who doesn't like to eat food smooshed out of a can?
  • The pancakes take just a minute or two to cook, which means they can be cooked on demand. This is fun watch, and means that you don't go through a whole bunch of effort only to find out your little one isn't actually hungry.
  • It serves as the perfect time to practice the word spatula - who doesn't love saying that word?
  • Batter Blaster is Kosher parve, which means that it's dairy free. It's also organic.
  • Cleanup is really easy
  • What kid doesn't love pancakes?
  • While I'm not sure I ever produced the perfect pancake, all the ones I made were quite tasty. I'd basically call them foolproof.
  • Our little one gave them the More-More-More stamp of approval


  1. Okay so where do I find a can of this wonderful stuff

  2. Ooh, good question - Whole Foods I believe carries it.