Friday, February 11, 2011

How Time Adds Value

I've always had this philosophy about time and and photography. Any photograph, given enough time, becomes precious. A random snapshot of your shoes is boring now - but in 300 years, it'll be absolutely precious.

The same, apparently, can be true about other objects - which is what explores:

Once a building no longer serves its purpose, and all of its previous functionality ceases to exist, it becomes truly fascinating. Each room is transforming into something new at its own rate, yielding to water, ice, wind and gravity as they reclaim this man-made space.

... Each object left behind becomes more significant than it has ever been, hinting at the life prior to its disuse.

And what value these objects have! Opacity's work is breathtaking.

He's got photos of two places relatively close to where I've lived: Rochester, NY State Hospital and Lorton, VA Reformatory.

Here's a shot of the Rochester location:

You've got to give the creator of this site real credit - thousands of people no doubt pass these sites every day, yet never see their beauty. What a gift he has.

It's a great reminder to really pay attention to your surroundings, there really is beauty everywhere.

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