Friday, February 25, 2011

Phone and Faith Friday: Accessing Tehillim (Book of Psalms) Online

One of the go-to biblical texts that Jews turn to when Stuff (good, bad, or otherwise) Happens is Tehillim - the Book of Psalms.

Here are a few resources for accessing this text from your Android phone:

  • Get the App - of course there's an app for Tehillim. Alas, the free version is only in Hebrew, which doesn't do me much good as I like the English translation.
  • offers a side-by-side Hebrew and English translation of Tehillim. The site is simple enough, that you can browse it without a problem on the G2's mobile browser. You can actually surf the site to find any book in the Torah. Definitely a handy resource.
  • offers the list of Psalms organized by topic. This one is really handy. From finding a soul mate to the correct Psalm in a house of morning, this guide has it all. Definitely worth bookmarking.

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