Monday, February 28, 2011

Dude, I Got Another Dell. Some Very Early Thoughts On The Vostro 3300

It was time to replace my ancient (OK, 3 year old) Dell Latitude D630 laptop. I had originally wanted to replace it with a Sony, as I love my Sony VGN-SR520G/B. But, for the life of me, I couldn't find a comparable model to the one I had. I tried both the Sony store and Best Buy, and I could either buy a comparably cheaper (and less powerful model), or spend $2k on something that was more than I needed.

Dell, on the other hand, offers the Vostro line that's exactly what I want: business oriented, yet, not over the top so.

Some initial thoughts (keeping in mind I've had it for about 3 days now):

  • The keyboard is silky smooth. Love it.
  • I like that a fingerprint reader is included. My Sony has this and it makes unlocking the laptop that much easier.
  • I also like that I was able to get Windows 7 Professional installed. I've found just a couple of cases where having the Professional version makes a difference - but when it happens, it's key.
  • The backlit keyboard seems nice, but I wish that made made gone all the way and also made the various buttons (such as the volume controls) also backlit.
  • I'm attempting to move my files from the old Dell to this new machine by doing a Carbonite restore. It's amazingly easy to transfer the license and kick off the restore - we'll see how this all goes when the restore is totally finished. So far, I'm amazed.
  • I'm not impressed with the weight of the laptop - it seems to be a the same size as my Sony, yet heavier. That could just be the result of larger battery I purchased. I plan to travel with Netbook, so this really isn't a concern
  • The laptop seems blazingly fast. Web pages and such just come up faster. It's a beautiful thing. I'm sure, after a few months (or weeks?) I won't feel this way, but for now, I'm pleased.
  • Here's what I plan to install on this sucker: My App List

Bottom line, I'm a happy camper at the moment. We'll see if I still feel this way in a few weeks. I'll definitely publish some more info when I have some.

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