Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A (Very) Low Budget Camping Adventure

I have to admit, I love the stunt that the guys over at SurivalWeekly tried about a year ago. They both hit the local dollar store and picked up $20's worth of camping gear (including food and water!). And rather than just pontificate about their finds, they actually went out and spent a night using their gear.

I'm sure it was educational. And it certainly put a different twist on spending a night in the woods.

Here's at least a few of their videos relating to this challenge.

I'm reasonably certain I could convince my brother to do something silly like this with me. As for getting Shira to be this irresponsible crazy, yeah, not going to happen. She's way too smart for that.

Perhaps I just see this as yet another example of using an experiment to learn something in a creative way.

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