Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Enlightening Home Project

Today's Fix-It was to replace the outdoor lights near both the front and rear entrances of our house. With my Brother's help, it was actually a painless thing to do. Here's a few random observations:

  • We purchased the lights from Home Depot - a store I don't usually enjoy shopping at. This time, however, I must have been asked by 4 different associates if I needed help finding something. Either it was a slow shopping day, or they've tightened up their customer service - regardless, it was the first time I can ever recall that I didn't have to go searching out someone to get help.
  • Those plastic wire wrapping/capping dealy thingies - those things are just awesome. I don't exactly know why I feel so strongly about these little guys, but I do. They just make the job of connecting up the wiring so simple, and seemingly fool proof. It just strikes me as an example of elegance and simplicity.
  • I'm proud to say that I did in fact flip the right circuit breakers to turn off electricity to the light plugs, *before* I started swapping out the lights.
  • On the front light, I had no extra parts. On the back light, I had 3 distinct extra pieces - a foam disk thingy, a plastic thread tie, and a handful of screws. Should I be bothered by any of this?

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