Tuesday, January 03, 2012

An Arlington Achivement, Even While Tempting The Evil Eye

With over 36 hours left in 2011, arlnow.com (my new favorite Arlington, VA blog!) tempted fate with this little gem:

If Arlington can go 36+ hours without a homicide, it will be the first year since at least the 1950s without a single recorded murder in Arlington County.

Available police records, which go back to 1960, show at least one homicide has been reported in each of the past 51 years. In fact, there have been 273 homicides in Arlington since 1960 — for an average of about 5.4 homicides per year.

Who does that? Who posts that article *before* the year is over?

Luckily, enough kennaharas were mentioned to keep the Evil Eye at bay, long enough to complete 2011.

And what do you know, for the first time in at least 50 years, there was nobody murdered in the county I live in. That's progress, right?

If you live in or near Arlington, you really should check out arlnow.com. I'm not sure how they managed to find so many interesting stories about our relatively small county, but they do. They're also worth studying if you're interested in what makes a truly local based website go.

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