Friday, January 13, 2012

Phone Friday: Smart AudioBook Player

I love Overdrive, which makes listening to library rented audio books a snap. But, sometimes you've got a collection of audio files that you want to play that aren't so neatly organized. Say, you've converted a CD you own into a series of mp3 files.

I've found that I can play these mp3 files using a file manager, but the interface couldn't be more crude. There's no concept of keeping track of the last point you listened to, or gracefully switching from one file to another.

Luckily, I discovered Smart AudioBook Player and it does all of this, and more, effortlessly. It's so cool - you drop smartly named mp3 files into a directory, and the app automatically turns it into a friendly audio book listening experience.

If you've got random audio content to listen to, organize them in directories and start enjoying them today. It's that easy.

1 comment:

  1. You're right. I've tried lots of sexier looking Audiobook apps on my phone but Smart is the one that does all of the important stuff that you need it to. :-)