Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music Source of the Day: Dubstep.net

You're going to want to buckle up for this one, this music is going to get a bit rough. I give you: dubstep.net. And what is Dubstep? Well, there's probably some musical definition that makes sense to someone, but for me, it's as close as you can come to noise while still being music. And enjoyable music at that.

Here, give it a listen: Space Age Flow By Cool Project FT BBK and MC Loc-F.

The tune starts off nicely enough, but by a minute in, it's pure chaos.

I do find that a dubstep song here or there works better than listening to nothing but dubtstep constantly. Still, I'm glad I've added it to the mix.

And I know what you're thinking - can you dance to this stuff? Yes, yes you can. See:

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