Monday, January 23, 2012

Santorum's Ignores His Teachable Moment

McCain had this wonderful teachable moment in 2008 when he corrected Gayle Quinnell on her statement that Obama was an Arab. It cost him so little (sure, he potentially alienated a voter by telling her she was wrong), but he gained quite a bit of positive press. More importantly, he allowed everyone to take a breath for a second: sure, He and Obama were fiercely fighting in the presidential race, but even they could admit they were both good people.

Santorum was just given almost the same opportunity:

The questioner states that: (1) Obama isn't legally president (crowd gives a big round of applause) , (2) he "constantly says our Constitution is passe and he totally ignores it" and (3) he's an avowed Muslim (more clapping).

Santorum's response: he agrees with the middle point about the Constitution and leaves it at that.

Later, Santorum questions why it's his job to correct people who are wrong.

Thing is, it's all of our jobs to fight lies and misinformation. Would he teach his kids anything else? Can he honestly say he behaved in honorable way?

Bottom line, he tacitly agreed with that woman. That woman, and that crowd, are going to walk away thinking that she was right. It's pathetic that he didn't have the courage to confront the room and let them know that they were at least partially wrong. Or, he agrees with them, and is choosing to believe a narrative that feels right to some, but has no factual basis.

Either way, he dropped the ball. He could have been a mensch. Instead, choose the coward's way out.

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