Monday, January 30, 2012

Boy Scout Move of the Day: Installing a ResQMe

A year or so back, I discovered the ResQMe - a keychain device that's designed to help in an auto accident. It contains a blade for cutting through seat belts and a glass punch for breaking windows. You could be forgiven for not putting a whole lot of faith into a $9.90 piece of plastic, but from YouTube videos you can see that it actually works.

The best place to store the ResQMe is probably on your key chain. But, it's fairly bulky and our new car doesn't require a key to be started. So, the second best place I could come up with to store it was tucked under the Oh-Shoot! handles on both the driver and passenger side:

Notice that I'm using a zip-tie to secure the ResQMe up there. Keep in mind, the zip-tie is connected to the key ring, which is designed to pull away from the device itself. Doing so will make the belt cutting blade accessible. Just one relatively small tug should be all you need to have the device in hand.

Hopefully, this will be something we never need. But as $10.00 insurance policies go, it's hard to beat.

Be Prepared!

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  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I have one in the sunglass compartment by the rearview mirror.